University of Arkansas Community College-Morrilton

Next table summarize all full-time and part-time staffs (employees) by occupation at University of Arkansas Community College-Morrilton.
According to the IPEDS, Full-time staff and Part-time staff is determined by the institution. The type of appointment at the snapshot date determines whether an employee is full time or part time. The employee's term of contract is not considered in making the determination of full or part time. Casual employees (hired on an ad-hoc basis or occasional basis to meet short-term needs) and students in the College Work-Study Program (CWS) are not considered part-time staff.
Staff Statistics By Occupation at University of Arkansas Community College-Morrilton
All Staffs19214547
Postsecondary Teachers925735
Instructional staff
Librarians, Curators, Archivists and other teaching Instructional support22184
Librarians, Curators, and Archivists
Library Technicians
Other teaching and Instructional Support
Business and Financial Operations990
Computer, Engineering, and Science660
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media321
Service Occupations743
Office and Administrative Support22202
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance642