New Jersey College Employees

In New Jersey State, there are 82,556 college and university employees including both full-time and part-time staff/faculty. Next table summarizes the headcount of employees/staffs and you can see detail statistics for staffs by gender, race, occupation, and faculty status.
Staff CategoryTotalFull-timePart-time
Staff Headcount for New Jersey
Grand Total82,55653,13029,426
Postsecondary Teachers37,55115,03122,520
Librarians, Curators, and Archivists and other teaching and Instructional support5,4973,7271,770
Business and Financial Operations5,0954,757338
Computer, Engineering, and Science4,8274,413414
Community Service, Legal, Arts, and Media3,4542,627827
Healthcare Practioners and Technical3,3052,942363
Sales and related18514936
Office and Administrative Support9,5357,6801,855
Natural Resources, Construction, and Maintenance2,2171,860357
Production, Transportation, and Material Moving15912633
***This data includes employees from 151 colleges while 159 schools are in New Jersey State.